The story


The history of this prestigious brand begins on the heights of Lake Geneva.

In 1949, Maurice Chaponnier, chemist, herbalist and researcher, studied the benefits of oligotherapy. During his research, he highlights the incredible power of trace elements on the body and more specifically, on the skin. A pioneer in his field, he then has the idea of introducing them into cosmetic care products, and founds HORMETA Laboratories.

Perpetuating the work of his father, Jean-François Chaponnier succeeds him and develops exceptional anti-aging treatments, inspired by the prestige of rare and precious ingredients from Swiss nature.

In 2014, the Bouchara family took over the reins of the company and continued the work initiated by its founders. With their experience in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic field, the Bouchara family perceives the avant-garde potential of the use of micronutrients by the topical way. A unique science is born: Oligocosmetics.


A high-end brand

70 years after their creation, it is still in Switzerland, near Geneva, that Hormeta Laboratories is located. From research and development to manufacturing, from logistics to sales and marketing strategy, including packaging and shipping,  Hormeta Laboratories controls the entire production chain on their site.

Synonymous with quality since their creation in 1949, Hormeta Laboratories is a member of Swisscos, the Swiss Cosmetics Association, which guarantees the production and packaging of their products in Switzerland.

They also benefit from the ISO certification ensuring the good manufacturing practices.


From earth to skin

The secret of our formulas? The right dose of each ingredient to ensure the best possible efficiency. And as a common core to all our products, our exclusive Oligocos-5 complex, which, thanks to its specific properties, helps strengthening the skin.

Trace elements are minerals that are naturally present in trace (very small) quantities in the human body. They are essential, among other things, for the proper functioning of the skin by participating in its balance and by preserving its integrity.

The Oligocos-5 complex combines the following 5 trace elements: zinc, manganese, copper, magnesium, and silicium. This complex has been tested with scientific studies demonstrating its remarkable benefits.


The innovation

If trace elements are at the heart of our expertise, they are not our only asset! Hormeta's Research & Development department works every day to develop ever more demanding and natural formulas. Each of our raw materials is carefully controlled and selected to ensure safe, innovative and performing formulas:

• Natural plant and flower extracts, quintessence of Swiss Nature
• Water from the Swiss Alps and rare vegetable oils
• Bio-technological ingredients
• Encapsulation vectorization systems
• Biomimetic peptides
• Powders and extracts of precious natural elements

Because Hormeta stays on top of the customer demand, more options are now available with a very high NATURALITY - natural-origin ingredients - rate (+90%).


Something for you

Years after years, Hormeta has established itself as a reference of high-end anti-aging beauty treatments. We do not address women by telling them about their age, but rather about the age of their skin, their needs and their specific issues.

Our specificity? Offer each one a unique and tailor-made beauty program. The Hormeta beauty treatments help to meet the expectations of our consumers by targeting their different needs in a personalized care ritual.


Meet the expected

Ensuring that our products are well tolerated and meet the expected effects is essential for the respect of our consumers.

All our formulas are dermatologically tested to guarantee their good skin tolerance. In addition, each product undergoes bespoke efficacy tests using the latest instrumental technologies to ensure their results on the skin. All of these studies are conducted by dermatological independent institutes that guarantee their impartiality.


Award winner

And if our formulas are recognized for their performance, it is also true for their pleasure of use! Since 2011, 9 Hormeta products have won prestigious awards (Victoires de la beauté & Innovation Prizes).