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HormePURE Enzymatic Peeling

HormePURE Enzymatic Peeling

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The exfoliating care, free from abrasive particles, to eliminate dead cells and impurities even from the most delicate skin. The skin is beautifully soft, the skin texture is refined. 30 ml.

A specific formula containing : papain and orange blossom hydrolate, combined with HORMETA's specific trace elements complex.

Apply a few drops onto clean, dry skin. Massage in circular motions and leave for about ten minutes. Cleanse again. Apply once or twice a week. Avoid contact with the eyes.

    Featured ingredients

    A new exfoliating experience:

    • Stabilized papain = naturally eliminates dead cells on the surface of the skin and softens the epidermis
    • Orange blossom hydrolate = refreshes and relaxes the skin
    • + HORMETA exclusive Oligocos-5 trace elements complex = strengthens the skin
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