HormeLINE 眼部轮廓聚焦凝胶
HormeLINE 眼部轮廓聚焦凝胶
HormeLINE 眼部轮廓聚焦凝胶
HormeLINE 眼部轮廓聚焦凝胶
HormeLINE 眼部轮廓聚焦凝胶

HormeLINE 眼部轮廓聚焦凝胶

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专为重新定义眼部轮廓、抚平表情纹、滋润和清新肌肤而设计的轻盈凝胶。眼部轮廓放松,皮肤更加紧致。 15 毫升。

针对性配方含有:Beautifeye®、Matrixyl® 3000、矢车菊、山金车和洋甘菊的有机提取物、维生素 A、C 和 E 以及透明质酸的微球,以及 HORMETA 的特定微量元素复合物。


    A cutting-edge formula:

    • Beautifeye® (anti-glycation complex) = helps strengthen the skin, smooths wrinkles and fine lines and reduces visible signs of tiredness
    • Matrixyl®3000 = boosts wrinkle smoothing and improves skin tonicity
    • Organic cornflower, arnica and chamomile extracts = soothes and helps smooth the eye contour area
    • Vitamin A, C and E microbeads = revitalizes and protects the epidermis
    • Very low molecular weight hyaluronic acid = smooths the features and hydrates the skin
    • + HORMETA exclusive Oligocos-5 trace elements complex = strengthens the skin
    • Eyes look rested = 76%
    • Wrinkles, fine lines and crow's feet are smoothed = 71%
    • Skin in the eye contour area is refreshed = 86%
    • Eyes are rested and more toned = 76%
    • Skin is hydrated = 81% and soothed = 90%
    • *Test carried out by an independent dermatological institute over 21 days.

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    Satisfied customers


    Very good, I have been using this brand, it feels great after use, very comfortable, it's authentic, worth buying.

    Hamilton, ON

    Such a great product! My skin feels so much better after using it.

    Edmonton, AL

    Been using it for a while, it's really good, very easy to use.

    Toronto, ON

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