HormePURE 瑞士秘密胶束水

HormePURE 瑞士秘密胶束水

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清爽的淡水,富含净化胶束,一步完成清洁面部和卸妆。 200 毫升。

含有:胶束、来自瑞士阿尔卑斯山的冰川水和盐、有机矢车菊提取物、泛醇和天然透明质酸,以及 HORMETA 的特定微量元素复合物。


    A perfect formula to remove makeup and cleanse all at once:

    • Cleansing agents (micelles) = eliminates impurities
    • Glacier water and salt from the Swiss Alps = brings purity and balance to the epidemis
    • Organic cornflower extract and panthenol = soothes the skin
    • Low molecular weight natural hyaluronic acid = smooths the features and moisturizes the skin
    • + HORMETA exclusive Oligocos-5 trace elements complex = strengthens the skin

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