HormeTIME 抗衰老面膜

HormeTIME 抗衰老面膜

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一款全面的抗衰老护肤产品,可紧致光滑肌肤,淡化衰老痕迹,重新平衡表皮水脂膜。皮肤看起来更加年轻,仿佛被提升了;柔软度和活力得到恢复。 50 毫升。

这款包覆霜面膜将 Hormeta Oligocos-5 复合物与重组成分相结合:胶原蛋白增强剂和透明质酸(提供即时爽肤​​膜)、腺苷、神经酰胺以及柑橘和有机瑞士亚麻花提取物。

92% 成分源自天然。

在彻底清洁的面部和颈部涂上厚厚的一层。放置 20 分钟,然后用湿布擦掉。每周涂抹一次或两次。

    A smoothing formula:

    • Collagen Booster = helps to firm up and redensify the skin
    • High molecular weight hyaluronic acid = retains water on the surface of the epidermis to ensure continuous hydration and tightening of facial lines
    • Immediate lifting film (biopolymer) = smooths the skin and offers an immediate lifting effect
    • Adenosine = reduces the appearance of wrinkles, firms up and improves skin texture
    • Swiss organic liner flower = soothes the skin
    • Mandarin extract = soothes the epidermis and illuminates the complexion
    • Ceramides 3 & 6 = helps strengthen the lipid barrier of the epidermis and improve the cutaneous comfort
    • + HORMETA exclusive Oligocos-5 trace elements complex = strengthens the skin
    • The skin is as if lifted = 90%
    • Aging marks are reduced, the skin is firmer, younger = 85%
    • The contours of the face are visibly smoothed, the skin is replumped = 90%
    • The complexion is brighter, more uniform = 90%
    • Skin is revitalized = 90%, better hydrated, soother = 95%
    • + Statistically significant smoothing effect
    • + Statistically significant improvement in firmess, and radiance of complexion.**
    • *Clinical study realized by an independant dermatological institute, after 28 days of application.

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    Satisfied customers


    I've been using it for a few days and my face feels much brighter and firmer, planning to buy it again.

    Emily Chan
    Richmond, BC

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